Survey shows nearly half of Gen Z is living an online “double life”

While social media was supposed to be a forum for people to express themselves, a new survey shows people aren’t expressing their true selves. 

And no, it’s not just “influencers” pretending to be flying private when they’re actually snapping photos in a rented jet cabin.

The survey of 2,000 people that was commissioned by Lenovo shows nearly half of Gen Zers feel they’re leading a double life: 46% say the life they present online isn’t the one they present to the real world; 31% say their online life is a secret from their family. That was close to their slightly older counterparts — 27% of millennials say they hide online stuff from their offline fam.

Fifty-three percent of those in the Gen Z demographic admitted they find it easier to express themselves online than offline. In fact, 68% say they felt a disconnect between their online selves and their actual selves. That can cause depression and anxiety across all age groups, the survey showed.

That said, 27% of all age groups surveyed say they’re hiding some aspect of themselves online: 38% of millennials felt that way, versus 18% of Gen Xers and just 8% of baby boomers.

So what is everybody hiding? The survey showed 22% of all respondents have clearer likes and dislikes online than they’d admit publicly; 21% were more comfortable admitting their ambitions and 17% their fears online; 19% air their political or other beliefs online rather than IRL; and 15% keep their “opinions and values” hidden behind a screen name.

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