Want BBQ with that burn?

A new Korean restaurant in Melbourne, Australia, has a lot of people talking, but not about the food.

Draped over the entrance of Chingu Korean BBQ, located in Caroline Springs, is a huge banner that reads, “HEY SOPHIA, YOU BROKE UP WITH ME BECAUSE I WAS POOR. NOW I HAVE MONEY TO OPEN A KOREAN BBQ, ARE YOU REGRETTING IT NOW?”

The post went viral on Reddit, drawing various reactions, including one user who joked, “Revenge is a dish best served barbecued.”

Others, however, see it as a marketing ploy. “It’s 100% an advertising gimmick. There’s no Sophia,” another respondent contended.

Another Caroline Springs eatery, per the New York Post, got in on the action with a banner of its own, stating, “Yo, Korean BBQ, don’t worry about Sophia. … We have all the dessert you need right here!”