Weight Limit Imposed on Hood River – White Salmon Interstate Bridge

Load limit goes into effect March 1, 2024

During the early November 2023 bridge closure, the Port conducted over 150 hours of steel grate welding and engineers acknowledged that there had been significant degradation of the steel decking resulting in a need to return the load restrictions.

At the December 19, 2023, meeting the Commission adopted Resolution No. 2023-24-9 decreasing the load rating of the Hood River-White Salmon Interstate Bridge back to 32 tons. This decision was not taken lightly and is done to ensure that the bridge remains operable until the new bridge opens in Fall 2029.

The updated load rating will affect most classes of trucks and will be posted as follows:

  • 24 tons for Type 3 vehicles
  • 32 tons for Type 3S2 and Type 3-3
  • 22 tons for the SU4
  • 24 tons for the SU5
  • 25 tons for the SU6 and SU7