Alleged kidnapper dons ski mask, camouflage vest with his name on it

It didn’t take a lot of detective work to track down the suspect in a recent kidnapping in Georgetown County, South Carolina.

Despite donning a ski mask to hide his identity, police were able to identify Jonathon Perry as the alleged kidnapper of his on-again, off-again girlfriend because the camouflage vest he was also wearing had his name written on it.

Perry and his girlfriend were later found in a cemetery, where the kidnapper claims the victim followed him willingly.

However, the victim told deputies she was in the front yard of her house when Perry allegedly grabbed her and dragged her by the hair for about 20 feet before she agreed to walk with him to the cemetery, according to a police report obtained by Law & Crime.

Perry was charged with kidnapping, possession of a weapon during a violent crime and malicious injury to personal property. He’s being held in lieu of $67,100 bail.