A Sharpie and duct tape do not a license plate make

An alleged car thief landed in jail when his scheme to slip past police when his hastily forged license plate caught the attention of a Benicia, California cop.

The police officer noticed the phony plate — containing characters drawn with a thick Sharpie on what appears to be an ordinary of paper — when the numerals on the right side appeared noticeably smaller than the others, according. The counterfeit tag was fastened to the car with black duct tape.

Upon further inspection, the spot where plate’s registration sticker would be contained an expired date.

“We know we are not superheroes, but just FYI this is NOT a way to get one over on us,” the Benicia Police Department wrote on its Facebook.

The unidentified driver was arrested and charged with felony possession of a stolen vehicle and misdemeanor possession of unlawful paraphernalia.