When a distress call turns out to be a goat in need

The Enid Police Department in Oklahoma recently responded to a distress call, only to discover that the victim in question was not quite what they expected. According to ABC News, the officers received a complaint from a concerned citizen about someone crying for help, turns out it was actually a goat.

Bodycam footage shows the officers approaching the goat and realizing their mistake.

Rushing to the scene, the officers heard what they thought was a person shouting for assistance. “That’s a person. That’s a person,” exclaimed one officer as he charged forward. However, they were shocked to find that the person in question was actually a very upset goat who had been separated from its buddy.

“I didn’t know if it was an animal or a person,” said one officer, laughing at the situation. “But, sure enough, we were walking over here and I’m like ‘that’s a person.’ From a long distance, it sounds like ‘help!'”

The Enid Police Department praised the officers for their speedy response, despite the animalistic mix-up. “All in all, you really can’t say it was that baaad of a call,” said the Enid Police Department.