Former bride demands refund for wedding photos after divorce

A wedding photographer has gone viral for sharing screenshots of a former client requesting a refund. The reason why? The client is now divorced.

According to screenshots shared on Twitter by photographer Lance Romeo, the woman reminded him that he was hired for a wedding day photoshoot in Durban in 2019.

“You did a wonderful job on them but they went to waste as we are now divorced,” the former client wrote. “I will need a refund of the amount we paid you because we don’t need them anymore.”

Romeo refused the refund request, explaining that his services are non-refundable, to which the former client then claimed she forwarded the conversation to her lawyer.

That’s not where the story ends, though. In an unexpected twist, the former client then requested a divorce shoot, which Romeo politely declined. 

“I will not be doing the shoot for you unfortunately,” he wrote.