One-eyed cat takes over the Cadbury Bunny’s job

Cadbury is outsourcing the job it normally holds for rabbits to a one-eyed cat named Crash. Yes, this year there is no Cadbury Easter Bunny — we got an Easter Kitty instead.

The chocolate company announced Crash as the winner of its annual Cadbury Bunny contest, making it the first feline winner.

Crash hails from Boise, Idaho, and was voted the winner of Cadbury’s Rescue Pets Edition of its Bunny Tryouts. He will join the previous winners in the Cadbury Hall of Fame and star in his own Clucking Bunny commercial, which is now live.

The kitty was awarded $5,000 and the rescue of his choice got $5,000, as well.

As for the cat’s backstory, Crash is 8 years old and lost an eye after being injured in a serious car accident. He remained loving and sweet as he recovered at the Simply Cats rescue and eventually became the shelter’s spokescat. 

Crash even learned a few tricks, such as high five.

His owner Maddie Corey said in a statement, “We are jumping with joy to hear Crash is the next CadburyBunny but not surprised as he is always the center of attention in any room. He’s been through so much over the past few years and we appreciate the love his friends, family and cat enthusiasts across the country have shown.”