Preserved “bum splitting” Viking poo reportedly the largest on record

(NOTE NATURE, CONTENT) If you ever felt proud about what you cooked up in the toilet after Taco Tuesday, chances are it’s no match for this historic turd that reportedly came from a Viking over a millennium ago.

Daily Star reports the record for the largest human poop stands at eight inches long and two inches wide. The poo has been described as “bum splitting.”

The turd was discovered in 1972 on a site in York, England, and is estimated to be from the 9th century, or about 1,200 years ago. The preserved poo survived all these years intact and even gave researchers a glimpse of the Viking diet — and health.

The turd is believed to have originated from a Viking male who ate a diet consisting of meat and bread. He also appeared to be riddled with worms based on the number of parasitic eggs found in the stool.

Researchers also believe the Viking was likely constipated, which would explain the poop’s mammoth size.

You can feast your eyes on the historic and record-breaking poop at the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, England.