Balenciaga selling “heavily destroyed and dirty” clothing line for $5K

Do you have $5,000 to burn and always wanted to own something from Balenciaga? Well, you’re in luck.

The New York Post reports the luxury brand has unveiled a new collection that has some critics thinking they fished it right out of a dumpster.

Basically, the outfits are marked “dirty” and are made to look extremely filthy. They are also covered in tears, stains and other blemishes that would otherwise earn regular clothes a trip to the scrap pile or garbage.

The clothing is part of Balenciaga’s Summer 2023 collection. You can get your hands on their “super destroyed baggy trousers” for $2,300 or grab their “oversize jacket” for $3,000.

All the clothes in this line come with the tag line, “Heavily destroyed and dirty effect.” Incidentally, the clothes are dry clean only.