Apparently people broke up over the Tubi Super Bowl commercial

Were you among the people Tubi pranked when they aired their Super Bowl commercial, which made it seem like someone was changing the channel during the big game? Apparently, it resulted in at least one breakup.

A Reddit user posted on the Off My Chest thread, claiming to be a 23-year-old woman who broke up with her 25-year-old boyfriend after his chaotic reaction to the 15-second commercial.

“My boyfriend thought I was the one changing the channel and began screaming at me violently, calling me things that I don’t even want to write down. Even as I told him it was a commercial he ignored me and kept blowing up at me and punched a hole in our living room wall,” she wrote.

The boyfriend, whom she had dated for over a year, eventually realized it was a commercial and apologized. The storyteller felt the damage was done, so she gathered her things and left to go live with her parents the following day.

“I left him a note telling him how I felt and that I didn’t think we were going to work out long term,” the woman explained.

She said her parents argue she’s the one who overreacted. They apparently told her, “He had a bit to drink and the Super Bowl gets everyone riled up.” She countered, “I don’t think it’s normal to be that angry.”

A majority of Reddit users are agreeing with her, with some urging her not to give her boyfriend a second chance.