A quest for a McMuffin ends with a 2-year driving ban

A 20-year-old man has to wait a few years before he can legally drive again. Why? He really wanted food from McDonald’s and drunkenly drove his stepmom’s electric mobility scooter to satisfy his craving.

Unfortunately for him, he didn’t account for the police seeing his inebriated driving skills.

Metro.co.uk reports ´╗┐Liam Smith was slapped with a two-year driving ban as a result of the 4 a.m. joyride on January 14. He was accompanied by an unidentified lady friend who rode on the back of the scooter.

Authorities in Malvern, England, spotted Smith making his chaotic journey to the Mickey D’s while on a call for another incident.

“While there police observed Smith driving the three wheel bike towards them at high speed. A female passenger was on the back. Neither were wearing a helmet. It came to a sudden stop,” the report read. “When Smith got off the bike he was unsteady on his feet, so police followed him into the fast food restaurant.”

Authorities decided to test his blood alcohol level, which came in over three times the legal limit.

He was fined roughly $500 on top of his driving ban.

When on trial, it was revealed Smith hopes to become a soldier. The chairman of the bench allegedly told him, “If you are going to join the Army you need to think about your actions.”