Man throws temper tantrum in Walmart to protest long wait times, bad customer service

Customer service isn’t perfect, but we can help improve the experience by acting like decent human beings. Leonard Repp, it would seem,didn’t get that memo.

WHP reports the 46-year-old Pennsylvania man became enraged because, according to Tilden Township police, he had to “wait in line too long.” He reportedly became enraged by the slow customer service, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

No, he didn’t ask for a manager or file a bad review online. Instead, he grabbed things like maple syrup, dish soap, jelly, motor oil and bleach. Repp then spilled them all over the floor, which sullied several aisles.

Police add this was only the first incident, which was on January 14. Repp returned to Walmart on January 20 and proceeded to do the same thing, but with bleach, pickles and hot sauce.

Police caught him a little over a week later after identifying him on security tapes. Repp fessed up to making a mess because he didn’t like waiting in long lines or dealing with bad customer service.

He also had the audacity to tell police he thought what he was doing was perfectly legal.

Even worse, he said he was mad at what happened at a different Walmart store, in Lehigh Valley, but decided to take his anger out on the Tilden Walmart instead.

Repp was arrested and faces charges of criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and corruption of minors.

Why the latter charge? During the first incident, he was accompanied by a 13-year-old who is not related to him. Repp claimed he is friends with the teen’s family.