9-year-old graduates from high school, now attending college

A 9-year-old from Pennsylvania has graduated from high school and is now attending college. 

David Balogun, of Bucks County, became the youngest student to graduate from Reach Cyber Charter School, based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He’s now taking classes at Bucks County Community College.

The elementary school-aged kid told Good Morning America he initially he didn’t set out to go to college early, but when he realized it was possible, he made it his goal. David embarked on an accelerated program and studied year-round, embracing a variety of subjects. 

“I decided I want to graduate at the age of 10. And my mom said, if you put the effort in, we will advocate for you and you probably will be able to graduate at the age of 9. So I decided, OK, I’ll graduate at the age of 9,” he said.

He said his favorite subject “is learning new things,” but if he had to pick, he especially enjoys math and science, particularly nuclear chemistry. Balogun hopes to one day go into astronomy, engineering or software development.

Balogun said when he’s not studying he also enjoys building robots and watching online videos about everything from astronomy to physiology.

His parents are proud of their son and say their child’s journey should be an example to parents who also have ambitious children. His mother, Ronya Balogun, said, “It’s very rewarding but you have to kind of get yourself outside of the box and be able to see things outside of the system and advocate and speak up and not give up.”

She added, “Be their own cheerleader, believe in them, even when they sometimes doubt themselves. Just believe in them.”