Survey shows 38% of workers show up sick just to prove they’re ill

While we all should have learned something from the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems some people never learn: A new survey shows three in four people still feel obligated to show up at work sick. 

In fact, 38% of those people say they show their face just to prove they’re ill. 

That said, the same survey showed 57% of respondents really would prefer sick co-workers stay home. 

The poll, which was commissioned by the cough medicine brand Bronchostop, also revealed why those who are under the weather try to cowboy up: 42% fear taking a sick day would make them appear unreliable, while nearly as many, 41%, say they don’t want to saddle colleagues with their workload.

Twenty-one percent want to prove their dedication by showing up with the sniffles, and nearly 60% feel the best way to overcome a cold is to act as if they don’t have one. 

That said, 43% consider those who do show up ill “selfish” — and nearly 50% said they’d have no problem telling a sick co-worker to go home. 

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