Tiffany & Co.’s collab with Nike is making internet critics lose their minds

Tiffany & Co. loves its diamonds and its new offering will help your shoes shine like one. Yes, the luxury jeweler has apparently designed a shoe cleaning brush.

Tiffany’s announced it has partnered with Nike, and internet critics are losing their minds over their accessory collaboration.

A post announcing the new brush contains the tagline, “Don’t forget the tongue.” Reactions in the comment section ran the gamut from disbelief (“Can’t tell if this is a troll,” wrote one follower) to praise for the continued partnership. 

The new line includes a silver shoehorn, Tiffany blue shoelaces and a whistle. “When they said ‘just do it,’ we listened,” Tiffany’s captioned the announcement.

The partnership with Nike has also yielded a new Air Force 1 1837 shoe, which is all black with a Tiffany-blue swoosh on the side. The company will start selling the sneakers for roughly $400 on March 7.

WWD has more details on the collab and reports it’s designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nike’s Air Force 1 shoes.

As for the accessories, WWD says the line will apparently have a price ranging from $250 to $475.

Details on the forthcoming drop are limited. Then again, if this sounds too far-fetched to believe, this could all be a publicity stunt ahead of the upcoming Super Bowl.