Frosted Fakes: Survey shows inflation forcing people to reach for no-name brands

With inflation through the roof and Americans struggling to fill their gas tanks, and their bellies, a new survey shows people are trying to save cash by ditching their favorite brands. 

In fact, 61% of the Americans polled by the marketing firm Emarsys say they are switching out their favorite brands, from cereal to beer, for less expensive options. 

Seventeen percent insist they can no longer be what marketing folks call “brand loyal.”

That said, the company also noted other consumer trends: Men tend to be more brand loyal than women, and those who identify as Republicans are more loyal to their favorites than self-described Democrats are. 

Further, the consumer survey noted 68% of American respondents say they’re loyal to the “Made in the USA” label; if a product is made in China, however, 39% of Democrats are more loyal to that brand, compared to just 16% of Republicans. Fifty-one percent of Democrats say they’d be loyal to a “Made in Ukraine” product, compared to just 29% of those who favor the GOP. 

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