Take a step back with proudly unplugged gaming chair

When you hear “gaming chair,” you might think of some Bluetooth-enabled, electronic lumbar-supporting, bass-shaker-vibrating office chair to bring that Call of Duty online death match into your very bones. 

However, the folks at Hendrick’s Gin have debuted something decidedly different: its Gaming Chaise.

The piece is a “radical new gaming chair that takes a renaissance approach on the gaming staple, encouraging escapism through cocktails and time-honored board games,” says the company.

That’s right: it’s an old-timey, Queen Anne-style lounger the spirits company calls “the world’s first-ever gaming chair designed for unplugged play.”

For “entirely reasonable cost of $3,988.08,” you can unplug and kick back in a chair that’s “anti-optimized for computer gaming.”

Although it’s low-tech, the chair is not without its amenities, like a “Fully analogue horn that may be used to summon fellow players of games, bearers of cocktails, or simply to celebrate a particularly jubilant moment”‘; “Retractable arms engineered to support cocktails, playing cards, and other real-world objects”; and “covert compartments designed for cocktail supplies, classic gaming pieces, amulets and other objects of your choosing.”

The cheeky chaise is from the company’s “Department of Not-So Convenient Technology.”

Introduced in 2018, the department was developed “to offer the world a much-needed respite from the mundanity of all things mass-produced,” creating, “low-tech wonders” such as the High Wheel, a Victorian-era stationary bike and cocktail stand, and Hendrick’s Horatio, “the first ‘somewhat’ smart speaker.”

Both, incidentally, are sold out.