Thieves huff noxious fumes and pass out when attempting to steal furnace

Here’s a dollop of advice when it comes to stealing furnaces — make sure the gas is switched to “off.”

CBC reports that two people broke into a vacant home in Winnipeg, Canada, and tried making off with its heating unit. 

Unfortunately, the would-be thieves were total idiots and caused a gas leak when removing the furnace.  Luckily, the home had a security system so police were alerted of the intrusion.

In addition, neighbors soon detected the stink of natural gas in the air and also called authorities — letting you know just how badly the thieves screwed up their little mission.

Police peeked inside the home and saw a man and a woman passed out on the floor because they “had been overcome by the noxious gas fumes,” according to the press release.  Apparently, the two dislodged the gas feed during the theft and triggered the leak.

Authorities dragged the furnace bandits, who were in their 40s, outside and let them come to before arresting them.