Animal leaves smelly surprise in unlocked car

Thought you only had to worry about burglars breaking into your car? Think again — there’s a new culprit on the loose and it has four furry legs.

That culprit is a bear and it completely destroyed the inside of a car after it broke inside. In a Facebook post, the Aspen Police Department noted that the car was left unlocked, however, that’s no excuse for the “extra special surprise” the bear left in the back seat — poo.

In addition to the smelly surprise, APD said “the seats were shredded” and “the doors were torn to pieces.”

So, moral of the story? “Be Bear Aware.”

“We have a band of bandits in Aspen who will stop at nothing for a good snack. They’ll raid your trees, your homes, and yes – even your car,” the post warned. “Be Bear Aware. Lock your trash. Lock your homes. Lock your cars.”