Woman invites 23 family members on blind date, who pays the bill?

There’s an age old debate about who should pay on a first date. Usually that date is between two people, but who pays when one person brings 23 of their family members?

According to The New York Post, a local Chinese paper reported on the incident where one man, named Mr. Lui, was left with an hefty bill of about $3,100 after his blind date decided to let some others tag along for the meal. The woman claimed she was trying to test his generosity, but that plan backfired.

The date was set up by Mr. Lui’s mother out of concern for his love life. Prior to the get together, he did agree to pay for the meal but was not aware his date would be bringing her extended family. 

So, who paid in the end? Mr. Lui agreed to pay for a portion of the bill, he insisted the woman and her family make up the enormous difference.