Survey says working from home has boosted employees’ confidence

In the 80s, they used to talk about “power suits,” but when it comes to getting what you want at work, the best suit for the job might just be your sweats. 

That’s because according to a new survey, 70% of employees working from home say they’re more confident there than when they were in the office. 

The non-scientific poll of 2,000 Americans, commissioned by Velocity Global, also found that seven in ten workers now say they find it easier to request more paid time off from their employer, and 67% say they’re more confident asking for flexible hours and some “me” time to balance their mental health.

Perhaps not coincidentally, all this working from home gave 73% of the respondents a newfound appreciation for their employers.

Additionally, 53% of the work-at-homers said being able to email/instant message instead of talking gave them more confidence; 52% said wearing comfy clothes boosted theirs; and 45% enjoyed the fact they can confidently — and confidentially — surf Google without someone looking over their shoulder at work. 

What’s more, the average employee has saved 252 hours in the past two years by not commuting to work every day, the survey revealed. This in turn lets them do more things with their free time like exercise (43%); do chores (41%), land earn new technical skills, like making videos (37%). And 48% say they’re more confident cooking and baking, thanks to all the free time to practice.

Fifty-two percent said working from home let them strengthen their relationships with family and friends, 49% said meeting new people is easier, and 46% said not going into the office makes meeting health goals easier.