Mmm…Just like YouTube used to make! New survey shows people trust cooking videos over Grandma’s recipes

While recipes are handed down in many families for generations, a new generation of cooks would rather just download them. 

That’s according to a new survey of 2,000 people that shows Americans would rather look up how to cook something on YouTube than to consult the family chef. 

The non-scientific poll from the Marine Stewardship Council shows that 35% of those polled use the video platform and 31% read food blogs, compared to the 21% who ask friends and family for their recipes. 

Furthermore, social media is a heavy influencer when it comes to the kitchen: While cooking shows are inspiration for 50% of home chefs, 45% say they learn about food trends from social media, and 42% consult blogs.

In fact, the poll revealed, the average person follows at least four food-related accounts on TikTok and other socials.

Just a reminder, not everything YouTube shows people eating should be eaten — remember the Tide Pod Challenge?