Get ready for higher prices: Detergent, diapers and razors will cost more due to inflation, supply shortages

Expect to pay more for everything from detergent to diapers, the Wall Street Journal reports, as Procter & Gamble is raising prices on its catalog of products to deal with inflation and increased shipping delays.

P&G tells the publication that it needs to raise the price on these staples — which include everything from diapers and mouthwash to toothpaste and toilet paper — as U.S. inflation reaches its highest levels in a decade. Adding to this are pandemic-related shortages in raw materials and labor. 

“We do not anticipate any easing of costs,” P&G Finance Chief Andre Schulten plainly tells WSJ. It’s a statement that will affect all consumers, who are already facing higher food prices during their trips to the grocery store.

There is one bit of good news from the company, however: it has been making moves to make sure items like toilet paper and cleaning products aren’t sold out.