Man climbs tree and refuses to come down

Tarzan is that you? After climbing onto a tree from the roof of a home, a New York man is refusing to come down.

It all started on Wednesday in a Queens neighborhood, according to ABC7, when the man’s mother contacted police with claims he was threatening her. This prompted the man to take refuge in a tree he accessed from the roof of the home. 

While it may seem like a bizarre thing to do for some, it didn’t come as a surprise to NYPD Chaplain Dr. Reba Perry who said, “This is something that he does all the time. He gets in the tree. It’s not unusual for him to be in the tree. He’s from Haiti. They climb trees.”

The man, who has a warrant out for his arrest for allegedly punching a 50-year-old woman who he was in a car with, apparently has come down from the tree five times, but has retreated to the branches out of fear of going back to jail. 

Many have gathered on the block to watch things play out as a priest, hospital workers, and more negotiators arrived. The man’s brother tried to talk him down but to no avail. 

So, will he ever come down? Only time will tell…