Favorite Halloween candies, ranked by state

With Halloween fast approaching, the folks at CandyStore.com have crunched — and in some cases slowly chewed — the data on every state’s favorite sweet treats. 

Spending for Halloween candy is expected to top $3 billion this year. That’s a 20% jump from last year and 10% higher than the all-time high, so it’s interesting to see which candy satisfies which state’s sweet tooth. 

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is the country’s favorite candy overall, with their highest sales in California, 1,209,299 pounds of the candy were bought in 2021. Florida also loved their Cups, with 578,292 pounds sold. Kansas bought 215,638 pounds, and Kentucky also ranked them as their state fave, with 69,826 pounds purchased.

For 2021, Sour Patch Kids topped the list in New York — with some 138,750 pounds sold — as well as Alaska, 4,782 lbs.; Illinois, 162,272 lbs.; Maine, 58,378 lbs.; and Massachusetts, with 65,683 pounds sold. 

The most Starburst were sold in Texas, with 916,491 pounds, but they were also the most popular candy in Alabama, with 109,827 lbs.; Michigan, with 110,748 lbs;, Indiana, 92,026 lbs.; and South Dakota, 23,670 lbs.

And while Louisiana liked Lemonheads to the tune of 115,789 pounds sold, Oklahoma had a new winner with Skittles, with 19,232 pounds sold, taking out its previous winner, Double Bubble Bubble Gum.