British lawyer denies using cell phone while driving — AFTER posting photo of his speedometer reading 59 mph

Dominic D’Souza, a top British lawyer, is denying accusations that he was using his cell phone while driving, even though a photo he allegedly took on his phone would appear to prove otherwise.

The picture, obtained by the Daily Mail, was taken from the inside of his Tesla and appears to show the car going 59 mph, without any hands visible on the steering wheel.

A Tesla can be driven on auto pilot, but the driver should keep their hands on the wheel at all times.

D’Souza posted the photo to his LinkedIn account, along with the caption, “On the way to Manchester in the most miserable weather, but thanks heavens I have an electric car otherwise I would not be getting there at all!”

D’Souza brushed any suggestion that he was driving when the photo was taken, telling the British newspaper, “Absolutely not. I was parked in a service station.”

As for why the car speedometer appeared to show 59 mph, he had no further comment.

Using a mobile phone while driving is a criminal offense punishable by the equivalent of $271.95 U.S. dollars and six points on a license.