Not even Robin Hood would bring a bow and arrow to a gun fight — but this guy did

A man attempting to steal cars like a Medieval bandit sure got a taste of the 21st Century.

11 Alive reports that a 29-year-old man was allegedly running around Atlanta and tried to jack some cars using just a bow and arrow.  The effort worked on one woman, who did surrender her car, and authorities were on the case.

Police obtained a description of the thief, saying he attempted to carjack two other people before finding his mark, and gave pursuit. 

The perp lost control of the stolen vehicle during the chase and crashed.  Unfortunately, in his effort to escape on foot, he threatened to fire arrows at the police, says the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Well, after the suspect refused to drop his weapon and point it away from the troopers after multiple verbal commands, things escalated and a police officer exchanged fire.

The car thief, who has not been identified, was alert, breathing and conscious when he was taken to the hospital.

The officer involved shooting and the car theft are being separately investigated.