Watch trailer for Demi Lovato’s UFO series, premiering September 30 on Peacock

Last October, Demi Lovato surprised fans by encouraging them to contact extraterrestrial life. Now, their new unscripted series about their passion for E.T.s has an official premiere date on the streaming service Peacock.

September 30 will see the release of all four episodes of Unidentified with Demi Lovato, which features Demi, their skeptical friend Matthew and their sister Dallas searching for the truth about UFOs. 

The trio will visit known UFO hot spots, talk to experts, examine “secret government reports” and interview people who’ve had eyewitness encounters with E.T.s.  Demi is a true believer; whether or not Dallas or Matthew share Demi’s views remains to be seen.

In the trailer, Demi describes an unusual phenomenon they observed in Joshua Tree, California: a bright light in the sky moving in an unusual way.  “My goal is to find out what really happened,” they explain.

In the trailer, it appears as though Demi, Dallas and Matthew definitely, um, see some stuff.

“What if extra-terrestrials aren’t traveling light years to visit us?” the singer asks. “What if they’re already here?”

You’ll have to watch to find out if our alien overlords are indeed walking among us.