Survey says more than one-third of Americans order food they don’t eat just to post pics to social media

If you don’t know by now that what people post on social media often doesn’t reflect their lives IRL, consider this: a new survey says more than one-third of Americans have ordered food they didn’t eat, just so they could post pictures of it.

The non-scientific poll of 2,000 Americans commissioned by California Figs shows 40% post pictures of food or beverages they didn’t consume themselves, with 19% saying they ordered and posted it without ever intending to have it in the first place. 

Forty-four percent of those polled say they “frequently” post food pics to Instagram or other socials, with 27% admitting the search for a good food pic has led to a change in their dietary habits.

No surprise then that 57% say they’ve “moved or rearranged” their food for a better snap — and 59% say they’ve prevented their friends from digging in, just to get that important first shot. 

Fifty-three percent of those polled say they’ve been inspired to try a recipe after seeing it on their social media timelines, and 85% say they’ve experienced a craving for a food spurred entirely by seeing it on their socials.

Pics of pizza top that crave list, at 41%, though burgers are close behind at 37%. Fancy cocktails that show up on their feeds got 30% to want to wet their whistles. 

One respondent even admitted to trying watermelon with yellow mustard on it, after it trended on Tiktok.