Information from Columbia Gorge Wildland & Fire Information Page

A brush fire started 6/29 during the 1 pm hour near Wrentham Market Road south of The Dalles, near Dufur. Updates posted when available below:

SIZE: 10,000 acres 38% contained


At this time, the fire is in now a patrol state, no new fire activity and we will not make any more updates unless there is new fire spread


11:17am UPDATE FROM Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal from 8:30am this morning was just released a few minutes ago. Crews maintained the progress accomplished yesterday and starting today, the Bureau of Land Management is joining the unified fire command. BLM has activated 2 20-person crews and will focus on areas with high fuel concentrations and are also mopping up hot spots. It was noted in the press release that the fire’s limited growth was contained due to the initial response of local fire crews, farmers, and ranchers. The defensible space they created helped to significantly slow the fire spread and protect structures.Crews will continue to be vigilant as extreme fire weather continues today with low fuel moisture levels, excessive heat, and a red flag warning are still in effect. The fire has destroyed one barn and outbuilding. Level 3 evacuations remain in place for some homes east of Dufur, affecting 70-100 residents. Please follow the Wasco County Sheriff’s Office for the latest on evacuation status.

6:57am update SARTOP and fire map updated; old one removed. Current conditions: 58F, 83% humidity, with winds at 2mph. No new information on fire situation as of yet. Will be updating as info comes in from official agencies.


8:43 pm update shows 38% contained. 5pm SARTOPO map is updated; old one removed.Oregon State Fire Marshal update from 3pm (posted at 4:50pm)The fire was originally detected at about 40ac yesterday and quickly grew to 150 due to strong winds. Today’s declaration of conflagration was the first one of the season.No other updated details on the incident were provided in the update in terms of containment, personnel, size, or direction.News release link here: https://www.facebook.com/…/pcb…/4312637222131814/One local resident spoke with fire command around 4:50pm today who said that the only growth was in their field which was quickly snuffed out. All other lines have held throughout the day.

11:50am Governor Kate Brown invoked the Emergency Conflagration Act in response to the fire. The declaration cleared the way for the State Fire Marshal to mobilize firefighters and equipment from other jurisdictions to assist in battling the fire. Portland Fire & Rescue, along with task forces from Multnomah, Washington and Yamhill counties, deployed crews to the fire. Air assets, including two choppers and one fixed wing tanker, are aiding in fighting the fire.

11:06am Winds speeds are increasing. New SARTOPO shows fire growth as of 6/30/2021, old map deleted. Three task forces arrived this morning. They are from Multnomah, Washington, and Yamhill Counties. OSFM has also activated an Incident Management Team (IMT) who took command of the fire at

9:00am Overnight, crews conducted backburns on the NW and NE edges; the lines held overnight. New satellite imagery now shows those backburns outside main part of the fire. CONDITIONS: Pacific NW is still under red flag warning. Current temp: 75, relative humidity is 52%, winds out of NNW at 7mph. Winds will kick up to 20mph / gusts 31 mph by 3pm today, with drop in relative humidity around 10:30-11:30am.

2:52am Updated SARTOPO fire map (attached, old one removed) shows multiple new fire starts to the SSE of the main fire. Winds are pushing 30 mph.

SIZE: 10,000 acres

DIRECTION: pushing over ridgelines; fire has split – one side following along track of 2018 Substation Fire to east and and other is running on east side of Hastings Ridge up the draw.

6/29 @ 4:03 pm

WRENTHAM MARKET ROAD FIRE (DUFUR) – 6/29/2021 #OR #ORWildfires 100 plus acres w/ Evacuations

LOCATION: Just south of Mason Road – 6412 Wrentham Market Road SIZE: 40 Acres DIRECTION: pushing southwest and west

Level 3 Evacuation for Wrentham Rd, Ridge Rd, Atkinson Rd, Stuber Rd, Fulton Rd, Boyd Loop, Long Hollow Rd Robert Market Rd, Summit Ridge Rd, Hastings Rd. Level 3 Evacuation GO.

11:10 pm boundaries being held are Wrentham Market Rd, North to CR-138 to CR-114 and south on Hastings Ridge Rd. Fire crew are on the lines all night.

11:00 pm WildCAD website listing fire size as 10,000 acres.

7:56pm The Temporary Evacuation Point at The Dalles Middle School is now closed. If you or your family live within the area of the Wrentham Market Fire and need assistance such as a place to stay for the night, please contact Red Cross @ 1-888-680-1455

6:24pm Tanker 137 now activated at Redmond Airport.

6:22pm Air Tanker 101, Fire Boss actively working fire; Tanker 12 taking off from Redmond Airport, inbound.Fire making hard run due to increasing winds.

6:13 pm

This post is from the Wasco County Facebook page at 6:12 pm.
Wrentham Market Fire Update as of Tuesday, June 29, 2021
The Wrentham Market Fire is burning wheat and brush in the Columbia Rural Fire Protection Area.
Current Acreage approximately 150 to 200 acres.
Currently, 20 Residential buildings and outbuildings are threatened, 1 Barn destroyed and 1 Dwelling saved.
Current Fire Agencies and assets responding are:
Columbia Rural Fire Protection
Mid Columbia Fire and Rescue
Dufur Fire
Tygh Valley Fire
Wamic Fire
Hood River Task Force
Dallesport Fire
Oregon Fire Marshall on-scene authorized 2 task forces and Air Assets deployed
Air Assets: 2 Fire Bosses
1 Heavy tanker on the way
Approximately 70 to 100 residents in Evacuation Area
Level 3 Evacuation for Wrentham Rd, Ridge Rd, Atkinson Rd, Stuber Rd, Fulton Rd, Boyd Loop, Long Hollow Rd, Robert Market Rd, Summit Ridge Rd, Hastings Rd.
Level 3 Evacuation GOShelter area is being set up at The Dalles Middle School Gym by Salvation Army, and Red Cross

5:58pm Fire map updated from National Interagency Fire Center (see attached)

5:26pm Wasco County Sheriff Office update: Shelter area is being set up at The Dalles Middle School Gym by Salvation Army, and Red Cross

4:47pm Conditions update: Temp 117 with 15% humidity; winds sustained at 15 mph, gusts up to 19 from NNE heading to SW direction.

4:22pm Current wind map replacing older model. Winds are making this fire extremely difficult to fight, as they continue to increase. windy.com

4:20pm Previous notes about air tankers being activated didn’t pertain to Wrentham Market; current wildfire near Redmond Airport (200 ac) affecting air support for other area fires. Air tankers assigned to that fire to protect that facility.

4:01pm Air tanker 101 taking off from Redmond Airport.

3:53pm Air tankers 101 and 12 now activated at Redmond Airport. Aero Commander 690A spotter plane taking off.

3:41 pm ash falling on Three Mile road. See new photo for shifiting wind patterns or check windy.com

3:30 pm Temp102°FHumdity28%3:05 pm – Aircraft have been ordered. 2 air bosses, air support managed by ODF3:00 pm – Some Hood River units called to assist Wasco County2:57pm Smoke plume now visible from Hood River.

2:29pm Dallesport Murdock Fire toned out.

2:27pm Structures threatened; additional tenders and brush trucks requested.

2:26pm Farmers putting discs onto ridge to create fire breaks

2:23pm Wamic toned out2:22pm MCF&R toned out to assist

2:18pm Wasco County Sheriff has units in area. Additional Support requested from Mid Columbia Fire and Rescue

2:14pm Fire is pushing towards Atkison Road / Rice Road – heading towards Boyd Loop Road

2:06pm Tygh Valley Fire being put on standby; staging at Dufur School.

1:46pm Brush fire detected. Wildland Fire Priority One – Dufur toned out.

Plume can be seen from The Dalles. Currently, wheat fields being burned. ODF being notified. Waiting for more info to update