The Dalles City Council votes to ban Fireworks in the city

The Dalles City Council met last night and made several decisions. The most important one is this: Given the current state of high temperature, and higher winds likely to arise soon, the council has voted to enact an emergency ordinance banning all fireworks in the city through July 9. City Manager Julie Krueger notified the council that she had received a copy of the city of Bend’s emergency ordinance on the matter, which included a fine up to $750 for violating the ordinance. Councilor Darcy Long-Curtiss made the motion, which passed unanimously:

“I will make a motion that we use the Bend ordinance as our model, also using their $750 fine, because of the short time frame, and the fact that we are just trying to discourage people from taking a dangerous action.”

Local citizens should register that using fireworks in The Dalles through July 9 could result in a fine up to $750. There was some concern in the meeting that this information could reach the public before the holiday. We’d like to reassure them that this medium is on the ball.

June 29, 2021


For Immediate Release- Citywide Ban on Fireworks until July 9, 2021

On 6-28-21 the City Council of The Dalles, Oregon enacted a ban on personal use of fireworks in the city limits.  The ban is a result of extreme fire danger and unprecedented high temperatures.  The ban begins immediately and extends through July 9, 2021. 

Police Chief Tom Worthy has directed the police department to educate offenders regarding the ban and seek the voluntary compliance from our citizens and visitors.  As a last resort there is a fine for violation of the ban, in an amount not to exceed $750.00.  The city asks for your cooperation, compliance and understanding of this necessary action.

The sale of fireworks in the City of The Dalles is not prohibited.

The Commercial Fireworks DISPLAY on the river are not included in the ban.

Citizens may call the Police Department non-emergency line at 541-296-2613 to report violations.  The Independence Day weekend is traditionally busy for the Police Department and response times to fireworks violation reports may vary.

For more information contact City Manager at