“How DARE you forget my McDonald’s dipping sauce. I’m going to call in a bomb threat! That’ll show you!”

And the award for biggest overreaction goes to… 

An Iowa man is behind bars for threatening to blow up his local McDonald’s because they got his order wrong. Apparently, the people at Mickey D’s forgot to throw in some McNuggets dipping sauce.

WHO 13 reports that Robert Golwitzer Jr., 43, was so angered by the oversight that he called up the Ankeny, Iowa, McDonalds to chew out the manager.  And also to threaten that he wanted to blow up the joint.  

Golwitzer also threatened bodily harm against the employee who didn’t drop the dipping sauce into his bag. 

The store manager called Ankeny Police Department, who in turn called Golwitzer, 42, who ‘fessed up to making the threats.

His angry outburst earned him a special prize that does not come in a Happy Meal — a pair of silver bracelets.  He has since been released on bond.

In addition, Golwitzer faces felony charges of making a false report of an explosive or incendiary device.