Farmer hires security for his fruit — yes, his fruit

Have you ever heard of someone hiring security for their fruit? That’s exactly what an Indian farmer has to do after he accidentally grew the world’s “most expensive mango.”

Farmer Sankalp Singh Parihar told Vice that he stumbled upon the fruit after buying mango seeds during a trip to a southern city in India. After getting home and growing it, though, he noticed “it had developed a beautiful red color.”

Then, after he was offered almost $300 for a mango, he “realized it was something valuable.”

Per the article, the farmer has come across the “Japanese Miyazaki mango — considered to be the world’s most expensive mango variety…These mangoes have a deep red outer skin, a melt-in-the-mouth texture, and an exceptionally sweet taste.”

Parihar added, “The pulp is like jelly, the color is stunning, and you can even eat the outer peel.”

Even with the offers Parihar has decided not to sell the mangoes just yet. Instead, he and his wife, Rani, want to grow their orchard full of them. However, not everyone was willing to wait — Parihar was robbed of 14 mangoes, prompting him and his wife to hire a hefty security team of nine guard dogs and three security guards, who are on watch around the clock. 

“I would rather pay for security than lose these mangoes, which to us are worth so much more than money,” said Parihar.