California cops crack the case of the missing pistachios

How much do people love pistachios?  Apparently, enough to steal them for resale.

A California pistachio company’s investigation into the disappearances of thousands of pounds of its inventory has led to a truck driver who may have been running an illegal pistachio operation out of the trucking yard.

The tractor trailer had allegedly been moved from the Montemayor Trucking lot in Delano to a nearby, unnamed lot, according to a Facebook post by the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office. There, it was discovered that the missing pistachios were stuffed inside 2,000-pound sacks.

Apparently, the plan was to move the pistachios into smaller bags and resell them.

The post confirms that “The remaining pistachios were returned to the Touchstone Pistachio Company.”

Alberto Montemayor, 34, of Montemayor trucking, was arrested in connection with the incident.