Aussie teen advertises “rare” Woolworth plastic bag for $300

When Casey Apiata learned single-use plastic bags were being phased out, he decided to frame one and sell it for 300 bucks, claiming it’s “rare.”

Even crazier, he’s receiving huge offers for it — though at a third of the asking price.

“I was sitting in my room one day and saw my framed plastic bag just sitting there so I thought I’d put it on marketplace as a joke,” the entrepreneurial high school student told

Woolworths and Coles ceased providing free single-use plastic bags in 2018 in favor of 15-cent thicker, reusable bags.

While his Marketplace ad was created in good humor, the teen had managed to attract a handful of serious bidders keen to help him out. “A local tattoo parlor and art gallery has offered me $100 to showcase the artifact in their gallery,” says Apiata.

Meanwhile, a collector, as well as a pair of radio hosts, have also reportedly offered him $100.

Casey says he’s trying to raise money for a new suit.