Would you go to space? A third of Americans say they would

With headlines about UFOs  and private companies like SpaceX and Blue Origins launching rockets into space with an eye towards future civilian space travel, the question remains: Would you go?

Well, almost a third of Americans who took part in a Quinnipiac poll say they’re ready to blast off.

34% of the more than 1,300 adults who participated say they’d travel to space if they could, though 65% admit don’t have The Right Stuff.

A similar number of Americans, 32%, would want to travel to the moon or Mars, but only if they were colonized.  More men than women said they’d go to space — by a margin of 44% to 24%.

Thirty-eight percent of Hispanic American respondents said they’d travel to space, compared to 35% of whites, and just 20% of Black Americans. 

That said, young adults — those aged 18-34 — were the most likely to say they’d want to go, responding yes at a rate of 53%.  But those numbers decrease as respondents’ age increase: 39% in the 25-49 year-old demographic said they would, compared to 26% in the 50-65 year-old range, and just 14% for those 65+.

With regard to the unidentified flying objects making headlines recently, the Quinnipiac poll showed 42% of Americans said they’re man-made aircraft of unknown origin, while 35% say they’re alien spacecraft. Twenty-two percent said they had no idea either way.