Will the mullet make a post-pandemic comeback? One in five guys say yes

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have noticed all that social distancing was especially rough when it comes to your hair — and everybody else’s.

With salons and barbers shuttered nationwide, people either went without a trim or tried their own hand at styling. And like most things in the “new normal,” it wasn’t pretty. For men, mullets were everywhere. 

But now that restrictions are ending nationwide, Americans are able to finally get that much-needed cut. So on the precipice of the new-new normal, will there be a comeback for that “business in front, party in the back” ‘do?

One in five Americans are here for it, apparently.

According to a new survey of 2,000 people, 20% said they want to see that ’80s style return. Fifteen percent said they’d like to see ‘90s “curtain bangs” make a comeback, and 10% were digging the 2010s look of an undercut. 

The non-scientific poll from Sport Clips Haircuts revealed that 75% of men went without professional haircuts during the pandemic. One in four tried a DIY approach to get by, even though 55% of those didn’t think they did very well. Twenty-seven percent enlisted the help of a friend or family member to get the job done, and 23% just let their hair grow out. 

With restrictions being lifted, 36% said they felt “relief” they can get back into a barber’s chair; 32% say they’re “excited.” 

Of those who’ve already gotten their hair cut, 85% say it was a positive experience, and 27% called it “amazing.”

Here’s hoping they reflected that in their tips.