Bear taken down in Klickitat County

On May 18, 2021 at approximately 9:15 A.M., 911 Dispatch received a call from a concerned citizen who was reporting a bear in her yard, located off of Hwy 97 around milepost 17 in Klickitat County.

I advised 911 Dispatch to call out a hound handler in order to track the bear.

Deputy Erik Beasley responded to the call.  After he arrived at the residence, he was able to spot the black bear in the yard.

Washington State Wildlife Agent Dan Bolton was also in route to assist Deputy Beasley.  

After a short time, I called Deputy Beasley to get an update on the bears location.  Deputy Beasley informed me that he could still see the bear in the yard of the complainants property.  I requested Deputy Beasley to dispatch the bear which he agreed to do.  

Deputy Beasley dispatched the bear in the interest of public safety.

Wildlife Agent Dan Bolton took possession of the bear for biological testing.