Survey shows pandemic behaviors then and now: 71% say they’ll social distance for another six months

A new survey is comparing how Americans reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic back in July of last year to how they’re faring last month, and it shows that while people are getting more optimistic, they’re still being cautious. 

The non-scientific poll conducted by Invisibly states that 71% of the nearly 2,800 people polled say they intend to keep social distancing for another six months. 

The results of the April polling also showed that while 17% said they won’t vacation anywhere with crowds, 49% said they would in another 1-2 months. 

Similarly, 15% said they’d attend a sporting event now, but 52% would do so in 3-6 months. 

The polling from last month compared to last July, shows some positivity as the pandemic shows signs of easing in the country: 58% said they’d travel by airplane now vs. just 33% last July; 22% of people said they would consider going on a cruise now compared to 16% back then.