Tyler Hubbard’s wife Hayley says “laughter” got them through 2020’s challenges

Tyler Hubbard‘s wife Hayley Hubbard is sharing how the couple got through the darker moments of 2020.

During an appearance on the Being Bumo podcast, Hayley admits that the couple was taken by surprise when she became pregnant with their third child, Atlas Roy, in January 2020, having given birth to son Lucca five months prior. 

“We were at the point where we thought we would wait to have our third and just have a little time for us and getting used to having two kids, because…it was an adjustment for us,” she explains, adding that she was scheduled to get her breast implants removed the day she found out about the pregnancy. 

“I was excited to get my life back and my body back…When you give birth and you’re a new mom, there’s this new normal you have to get used to and it’s like ‘how do I find myself again?’ So I was really looking forward to that and it was just like a bomb was dropped. So that was a lot emotionally,” she continues. 

On top of the unplanned pregnancy, Tyler experienced a dirt bike accident three weeks before his wife gave birth in September that left him with a ruptured Achilles tendon and broken ankle. Then in November, the singer was diagnosed with COVID-19 and had to quarantine on his tour bus in front of their home. 

In spite of the trials, Hayley says the couple managed to find the humor in it all. “It was just one thing after the next. But everyone I feel like had one of those years where it was just so wild where you almost had to laugh,” she says. “So I feel like laughter really got us through all of that.”