Woman charged with felony for failing to return VHS tape 21 years ago

A former Oklahoma resident is facing felony embezzlement charges for allegedly failing to return a VHS tape rented in Norman, Oklahoma 21 years ago.

Caron McBride is wanted for not returning Sabrina the Teenage Witch 1999, according to online documents obtained by KOKH-TV.

McBride says she first learned about the charges while trying to change her name on her license after getting married in Texas.

“I went to change my driver’s license, during this COVID thing you had to make an appointment, and so, I sent them an email [and] they sent me an email and they told me…that I had an issue in Oklahoma and this was the reference number for me to call this number and I did,” says McBride.

McBride adds the number was to the Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office, where a woman informed her of the charges filed against her.

McBride tells KOKH that she doesn’t remember ever renting the movie, explaining, “I had lived with a young man, this was over 20 years ago.  He had two kids, daughters that were 8, 10 or 11 years old, and I’m thinking he went and got it and didn’t take it back or something.”

McBride says she’s been let go from several jobs over the past two decades, without being given a reason why. Now, it all makes sense.

After reviewing the case, the DA’s office has decided to dismiss it, but McBride will need to get her case expunged in order to clear her record moving forward.