Pandemic survey shows 2/3 or Americans can no longer stand crowds, lines

It seems COVID-19 has permanently changed our attitudes towards one of the realities of life: waiting in line.

According to the non-scientific survey of 2,000 Americans, 65% say they can no longer “tolerate” crowds and “will do everything in their power” to avoid standing in lines, especially at the airport.

Our patience has also taken a hit, with 61% saying they get annoyed more easily now.

Seventy-two percent said the less contact they have with fellow travelers the better, even though, ironically, 57% surveyed said they find getting where they need to be is actually easier now. The respondents to the poll, sponsored by the AI company LivePerson, said they felt checking in to flights and hotels, packing clothes, and even and waking up early to travel all seem easier because of the pandemic. 

That said, 58% say they pack extra masks, 56% stow disinfectant wipes, and 54% make sure they’ve got hand sanitizer in their bags before they travel.