Man breaks wind in front of police and catches a break on fine

Ever wonder what would happen if you farted on police? Well, in Austria you’d end up with over $500 in fines.

Last summer an Austrian man was fined for letting it rip right in front of police, however, according to The Daily Mail, he was able to get it lowered to about one-fifth of the cost after he successfully appealed and argued that his fart was a “biological process” and part of his freedom of expression.

While the court didn’t necessarily agree with the latter, the fine was lowered based on the fact that it was the man’s first offense. 

The man had been issued the fine for “offending public decency” in June 2020 after Vienna police said he “let go a massive intestinal wind apparently with full intent.”

They noted that “of course no one is reported for accidentally ‘letting one go,'” but the man had previously behaved “provocatively and uncooperatively” during an earlier encounter.

“And our colleagues don’t like to be farted at so much,” they added.