Stinky surprise: Man mistakes concrete box buried in lawn for a treasure chest

Some things are meant to stay buried… like sceptic tanks.

A video is going viral after a wannabe treasure hunter thought he struck gold after uncovering a concrete box while gardening in his back yard.  So, he did what any person with a smart phone would do… he began recording the extraction effort.

The TikToker, identified as Tony Huisman, shared the video of him Tuesday uncovering the “crazy, secret concrete box” and slowly unearthing it with his shovel.

After some digging, he locates the two handles to open the rectangular object, narrating to fans, “I kept going until I got it cleaned to the point where I could start to lift it up, but when I tried it was a little heavy.”

He uses an iron pipe to crack open the forbidden box to see what’s inside… and, well, he got one heck of a whiff of you-know-what, instead.

The video jump cuts to Huisman gagging and running out of his backyard, realizing that he just unearthed and opened his sceptic tank.

And, while any sane human would promptly re-bury their excrement’s final resting place, the TikToker was egged on by his followers to show them “the forbidden gel inside my sceptic tank.”

Thankfully, he did not cave to peer pressure and told his followers so in a Wednesday update.