This insane house for sale comes with a crypt, actual graveyard and panoramic mirrors in the bedroom

Oh to be this agent who is in charge of this amazing listing…

A house in Baltimore is going viral after it was put on the market Sunday on Redfin. Thanks to the more than 80 photos of the property, there is no question why the house is listed as a “one of a kind rare home.”

The 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom brick house comes with a lot of crazy extras that proves the previous tenant was obsessed with death.

Baltimore, which is the final resting place of horror writer Edgar Allen Poe, is also the location of the super goth house that was most likely owned by heavy metal band fan… or a vampire.  Or both.

Anyways, beyond an inviting yet innocent-enough snap of the gray brick exterior of the home as the first photo, which features a black roof, black stairwell and black trim — it starts to get weird really fast.

Like, someone enjoys spider webs, crypts, coffins and graveyards kind of weird.

The backyard of the house, for example, is an actual graveyard with a cemetery gate and sigh where the outdoor wet bar is… and, instead of a tool shed, you get a crypt complete with a cross fastened on the top.

Next to the actual gravestones affixed on the property, inside is filled with even more horrors like an actual black coffin in the TV room.  The house also has black carpeting throughout, black kitchen appliances and cupboards — but hey, that is a nice gas stove — and a master bedroom that is in the center of panoramic mirrors that even bolted into the ceiling above.

You know, for those who like to get freaky.

Anyways, this crypt-acular home it can be yours for the low, low price of $225,000!