Man fails driver’s test nearly 200 times over two decades

Some things are just not meant to be.

A 50-year-old man in Poland recently failed his written driver’s exam for the 192nd time in 17 years, according to the Daily Star.

The man has also reportedly spent the equivalent of 1,553 U.S. dollars on exam fees alone.

He currently holds the record for highest number of attempts in Poland.

However, he’s not alone in his struggles to pass a driver’s test.

A 67-year-old South Korean woman reportedly passed her exam on the 950th attempt, according to The Guardian.

A hapless 42-year-old U.K. driver passed on the 158th time, according to the Daily Star.  He’s followed by a woman who made 117 before passing, and a 48-year-old woman who passed on her 94th try.