Apparently you’ve been pooing wrong

While some pass time spent on the toilet by scrolling through their phones, one TikTok user has suggested that there’s an even better way.

In a video shared to the app over the weekend, user AMYYWOAHH declares, “You have been pooping wrong.”

The clip then shows the woman placing her laptop and some snacks on the back of the toilet as she explains, “What I want you to do is poop backwards. Get your favorite snacks, get your favorite show and that’s how you poop.”

“It’s the best of all times,” she adds. “You just sit there jamming and pooping.”

Some fellow TikTok users weren’t necessarily opposed to the idea claiming, “You realize the bathroom is the cleanest place in the house because you clean it with bleach so often.”

But, most were averse to the idea.

“E. Coli has entered the chat,” one commented, while another chimed in, “Unhygienic but ok.”