Survey say parents are worried about long-term social setbacks from the pandemic

As some optimism is beginning to creep in regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, a new survey shows parents are worrying that the damage has been done to their kids. 

Eighty-one percent of those in a poll of 2,000 Americans say they’re worried about the lasting impact of all the lockdowns, social distancing, and screentime kids have had to endure.

According to the non-scientific poll, 42% believe the pandemic has negatively impacted their child’s social development.  Of those, 64% of parents say they’re concerned too much screen time could make social development harder for their child.  And of those, 39% of the parents say they worry their kids will have trouble making friends, 27% say they worry their children will have trouble resolving conflicts, and 26% say their kids could have trouble sharing in person after all that time in Zoom boxes.

The poll — which, it should be said, was sponsored by the brainy toy company Mindware — also revealed 63% of parents are often struggling to find a “mentally stimulating activity” while their kids are stuck at home.