Survey says 36 is respondents’ ideal age; 57% say quarantine showed them aging is OK

Cher sang about wishing she could turn back time, and Marty McFly, Deadpool, and the Avengers did the same thing — at least in the movies — but a new survey suggests if we could, we might not go back that far. 

The non-scientific survey suggested 40% wouldn’t go back to their 20s even if they could. The average respondent — those of whom are presumably past that age — saw 36 as their ideal lifetime odometer mark. 

However, according to the poll, which was commissioned by supplement company Tru Niagen, the pandemic has shifted our perceptions on getting older, with 57% saying since the lockdowns have them taking stock, they’re now OK with their aging. 

Nearly 60% say they used to be obsessed with aging. Now, 71% say it’s OK to embrace the age you are.

That said, those polled insist they don’t look their age — more than half agreed they look 5 years younger — and those folks don’t “feel” their age either. Instead, they feel six years younger than what their birth certificate says. 

While people are apparently becoming more comfortable with their actual age, they’re still willing to try to turn back the clock– 42% by taking vitamins and supplements, and 35% by exercising.